Roberto M. Fernandez currently serves as Co-Director of the Economic Sociology Ph.D program at MIT Sloan and as the acting coordinator for the Ph.D. progam at the MIT Sloan School. He has also served as the Head of the School's Behavioral and Policy Sciences Area from 2007-2010. His research is focused in the areas of organizations, social networks, human resources and race and gender inequality in organizations.

Professor Fernandez has extensive experience doing field research in organizations, including an exhaustive five-year case study of a plant retooling and relocation. His current research focuses on the organizational processes involved in the hiring of new talent using data collected in 16 organizations. He is the author of over 50 articles and research papers published in the top academic journals in his field. He served on the National Academy of Science Panel on Methods for Assessing Discrimination (Final Report: Measuring Racial Discrimination). He has also worked as an expert witness in workplace discrimination litigation.

Prior to joining MIT in 2000, he was Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford's Graduate School of Business (1994-2000). There he served as the Area Coordinator, in charge of the school's Organizational Behavior faculty. Prior to Stanford, he was Associate Professor of Sociology and Urban Affairs at Northwestern University (1989-1994). His first academic job was as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Arizona (1984-1989).

Professor Fernandez has served as the chief professor in charge of MIT Sloan's required MBA course on Organizational Processes (MBA program info here). His other areas of teaching expertise include the management of innovation, change management, management of human resources, negotiations, networks, and power and politics in organizations. He has traveled extensively, consulting and lecturing in Abu Dhabi, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

Recent publications:

Roberto M. Fernandez and Colette Friedrich. 2011. "Gender Sorting at the Application Interface." Industrial Relations (Forthcoming).

Roberto M. Fernandez. 2008. “Race, Spatial Mismatch, and Job Accessibility: Evidence From a Plant Relocation.” Social Science Research 37:953-975.

Roberto M. Fernandez and M. Louise Mors. 2008. “Competing for Jobs: Labor Queues and Gender Sorting in the Hiring Process.” Social Science Research 37: 1061-80.

Roberto M. Fernandez and Isabel Fernandez-Mateo. 2006. “Networks, Race and Hiring.” American Sociological Review  71: 42-71.

Roberto M. Fernandez and M. Lourdes Sosa. 2005. “Gendering the Job: Networks and Recruitment at a Call Center.” American Journal of Sociology 111: 859-904.

Roberto M. Fernandez and Celina Su. 2004. “Space in the Study of Labor Markets.” Annual Review of Sociology 30: 545-69.

Roberto M. Fernandez. 2001. “Skill-Biased Technological Change and Wage Inequality: Evidence From a Plant Retooling.” American Journal of Sociology 107 (2):273-320. (Winner of the 2003 Distinguished Article Award presented by the Center for the Study of Inequality, Cornell University).

Roberto M. Fernandez, Emilio Castilla and Paul Moore. 2000. “Social Capital at Work: Networks and Employment at a Phone Center.” American Journal of Sociology 105 (5):1288-1356. (Winner of the 2001 W. Richard Scott Award for Distinguished Scholarship presented by the Organizations, Occupations, and Work Section of the American Sociological Association).

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